Sharing Economy

Left: Google Maps, Right: Leela Maps. Chart and access real-world Bitcoin services!

With Leela Maps’ posts, you can share your skills, goods & services however you want.

Build your service by pressing the “+” button.

Have things to share, such as: tool library, rideshare, meals, napspace? You have free creative power over the content of your post.

Define your services

You have free range over the text fields of your post.

Add images and video to give a clear picture of the resources you are posting.

Set your terms

How often and what time is your service or resource available? Is it a donation-based service or is it free? Is there a membership process?

Links to your website, email address, or phone number will open in the user’s default communication apps.

Choose your audience

With privacy settings, you can choose how people view your post.


Public posts can be seen by every user.

We recommend sharing at least a brief Public post to broadcast your services to other users. Public posts show up as blue on the map.

If you’re concerned about publicly sharing the location of your services, you can set the post’s location to a nearby landmark or a random point by entering in arbitrary words in the location field. In the description, you can state actions to take to gain membership.


If you want to share a view-only post to trusted members who may share it with others, save the location as Shared and send it to your members using your preferred messaging platform. Shared posts show up as green on the map.

Invite Only

Using the Invite Only setting, you can use Share Options to set the access and editing privileges. Invite Only posts show up as red on the map.

You can create a private order form for a client if you set the description to instruction and save with the default setting, “Only people you invite” and “Can make changes.”


Shared and Invite Only posts have encrypted privacy and are only visible on the map of people they are shared with.

Share to your social media

You may share links to your locations and Leela Maps.

This is the url to its store presence:

Here is a button you can use for your website:


The Leela Maps team offers posts free of charge. You can declare your services with any terms.

Leela Maps restricts posts that conflict with the EULA (summary: no harassment or abuse).


🌊 Use emojis in the title or description!

If your description is long, you can format it in your Notes app and copy-paste it into the description field.

If you’re sharing private locations through Facebook or Messenger, users will have to:
1) tap the share button in the lower right hand corner
2) tap the “Open in Safari” button.

Thorough How-To

Making an Inventory:
  1. Tap the “+” button to start a new post.
  2. Set the title with a summary (such as, “Garage,” “Closet,” “Pantry,” “Shed”) and the date
  3. Go to the location of the inventory
  4. Tap “current location”
  5. Add images by tapping the box with “+”
  6. Take a photo of the overall inventory.
  7. Take photos of individual items, at your discretion.
  8. Set the description to a list of items, each
  9. Set the access instructions to the way people gain access to these items.
  10. Save as “Shared” if you want your trust network to be able to share this post as view-only with others. Save as “Invite Only” if you want to set the sharing and editing options.
  11. Share with users you entrust with this knowledge.