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Here is biochar: activated charcoal available to be added to compost.

Biochar is often produced from burning 🪵 wood in 🔥 fire pits.

By adding “#biochar” to any ComPost, such as a 🥗 compost pile,🪣 compost bin, 🚽 composting toilet, 💚 compost deposit, or 💩 commit, you increase the soil’s capacity to support biodiversity.



Primarily wood cut on property, mostly oak

 could also contain some Manzanita, bay, sequoia

Creation Conditions

burned in the Lupin Lodge fire pit by the volleyball court; Could consist of meter wide ring of cement blocks on sand; high ash content

Access Instructions

Char is dumped in a pile by the bamboo-lined fence

Usage Instructions

Biochar must be inoculated with wet biomass to be effective.

Share how you inoculate this biochar:

Copy a link to this biochar and paste it in the Amendments section of a 💚 ComPost, 🥗 Compost Pile, 🪣 Compost Bin, 🥗🚽 Composting Toilet, or 💩 Commit.

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