🚽 Composting Toilet

This is the Willow Glen Ace Hardware Store where you can make a composting toilet.

Build Soil

  1. When you gotta go 💩, where do you go?
    1. If it’s a restroom that you can decorate, that’s a good place for a Composting Toilet!
  2. To make your own compost toilet, you need a few things:
    1. 2x five-gallon buckets
    2. 1x lid for five-gallon bucket or (optional) a toilet seat fitted for a five-gallon bucket
    3. Organic debris: a supply of wood shavings, peat moss, grassy compost, or similar
    4. 1x large cup, a small bucket, or similar
  3. Fill one of the five-gallon buckets with the organic debris. That is now the Medium bucket.
  4. Scoop some of the organic debris with the large cup into the second five-gallon bucket and put the lid on it. That is the Composting Toilet.
    1. TA-DA! The Composting Toilet is now ready to receive.


  1. Open the lid of the compost toilet
  2. Do your business in it
    1. If you use toilet paper, leave paper in the compost toilet.
    2. if you use a bidet, let the water fall into the compost toilet. Add a half scoop of organic debris.
  3. Add a scoop of organic debris from the Medium bucket
  • Add to a compost pile
  • Add to depleted land


Post Composting Toilet

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Access Instructions

Buy the components at the store and assemble them.


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