10/30/23: Pergatory

In 16 days, my 22-month-old little one, her father, our cat, our rabbit and I will be on a one-way flight to Florida.

Looking up at my tropical fruit trees from my bed of synthetic materials.

The home we are leaving is a wood cabin at a nudist resort, 🌞 Lupin Lodge, in the Santa Cruz mountains near the Silicon Valley, where I am the only nudist resident who frequents the communal facilities.

Despite the vastness of this land and the moral support of its staff, I and other residents have been forbidden from gardening out on the land. Therefore, all the human residents & their pets are perpetually dependent on deliveries of food grown far away, in unknown conditions.

 This 88 year old property, consisting of 112 acres of land, communal facilities, and private dwellings inhabited by ~60 people is being sold by the inheritor for $32.8m.

From this confinement, I have been slowly building a launch for BYTE: BackYard-to-Table Experiences, a decentralized local food movement that uses immediately available resources. However, I can only demonstrate this as much is immediately available to me.

As my baby deeply sleeps after breastfeeding, I slide out from under her and prepare myself a salad.

This salad comprises entirely of organic produce grown in of California, which I acquired almost entirely from a local farmers market.

Torn dino kale, from Castro Farms, is used to pick up noodles made of zucchini (zoodles), from Bounty of the Valley Farm, with Heirloom Organic tomatoes, Castro fennel, Country Rhodes lemon & avocado.

Interactive Salad Ingredient Map

I have many goodbyes to dispense at the Saturday Saratoga farmers market.



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