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🌞 Lupin Lodge

This is the front office of Lupin Lodge, a family-friendly naturist resort.


🏊‍♂️ 🚿 Pool + Hot Tub

Welcome to the pool at Lupin Lodge!


  • No clothes in the pool area.
  • Use a towel to sit on when using poolside furniture.
  • Shower before using the hot tub or pool. (2021 drought: keep showers brief!)

Garden Day 🌱🌞 Sundays 2pm

Join Leela and folks in gardening at Lupin Lodge!

Summer activities:

  • Biochar composting
  • Mixing soils
  • Crafting fabricrete planters
  • FruitLuck

Text ‪(724) 326-3426‬ for info & updates

See our plants on PlantDiary

Find plants on PlantDollar

LL: Waterfall Lawn

The Waterfall Lawn is a space for meditative activities.


  • Waterfall water feature in the shape of a vulva
  • Benches and reclining lawn chairs
  • Memorial of the previous owner of Lupin Lodge, Glyn
  • Soft, barefoot walkable grass
  • Butterflies 🦋
  • Redwood grove
  • Full sun
  • Yoga Pilates class on 1-2pm Saturdays
  • Qi Gong class on 1-2pm Sundays

Small blue butterfly seen at the Waterfall Lawn

⬛️ Biochar

Here is biochar: activated charcoal available to be added to compost.

Biochar is often produced from burning 🪵 wood in 🔥 fire pits.

By adding “#biochar” to any ComPost, such as a 🥗 compost pile,🪣 compost bin, 🚽 composting toilet, 💚 compost deposit, or 💩 commit, you increase the soil’s capacity to support biodiversity.



Primarily wood cut on property, mostly oak

could also contain some Manzanita, bay, sequoia

Creation Conditions

burned in the Lupin Lodge fire pit by the volleyball court; Could consist of meter wide ring of cement blocks on sand; high ash content

Access Instructions

Char is dumped in a pile by the bamboo-lined fence

Usage Instructions

Biochar must be inoculated with wet biomass to be effective.

Share how you inoculate this biochar:

Copy a link to this biochar and paste it in the Amendments section of a 💚 ComPost, 🥗 Compost Pile, 🪣 Compost Bin, 🥗🚽 Composting Toilet, or 💩 Commit.

Share your ⬛️ Biochar!

🌱 Invest in the Natural Human Diet 🌞

King Fresh Fruit & Dried Seafood sells fresh durian whose seeds can be germinated.

Price: $15/lb, ~$75/fruit

Seeds: ~9-18

Fresh durian is a complete food. By investing in a fresh durian, you enjoy a full spectrum of nutrients and seeds that can be germinated to grow durian trees.

Volunteer propagators with Lupin Gardens would be happy to germinate provided durian seeds.

Donations to Lupin Gardens can be left at the Lupin Lodge front office.

Text 724-326-3426 to coordinate dropoffs and visitation of plants.

Proposal: 🌿 Central Park

Residents of Central Park area have expressed interest in incorporating more plants into Central Park.

To start, I recommend building biochar compost at The Clearing to amend the dry top soil here.

The regions blocked in orange are recommended as vegetable gardens

The various shades of green represent fruit trees and understory flowering plants.

The sections with blue represent suggested campsites, parking spaces, and picnic tables.

Developing Central Park into a lush garden would improve the image of the entrance to Lupin Lodge.

Proposal: 🍽🌱 Kitchen Garden

At the time of this writing, the composts on the Lupin Lodge campus are not ready to be applied on the surface. However in a few nearby trials, buried compost was undisturbed by local animals.

L’s Nursery

I am a fruitarian, a style of life where one handles a lot of seeds.

I would like more fruit trees in the world.

I plant the seeds in pots of mixed biochar soils and chart them on PlantDiary.

I give the rest away, with biochar soil, to provide others with fruit trees.

I believe everyone should have fruit trees.

Join me for Garden Day at Lupin Lodge!

Compost Bin