AID‼️🐴 Rudy


Animal name (or nickname): Rudy

Kind of Animal: Donkey

Living Conditions and Duration (if known): Small, poop-filled pen, with no friends or room to stroll. Owner, Jack, says that he only feeds Rudy hay and doesn’t take him for walks. (Rudy loves apples.) A longtime visitor of the area estimates this situation has been ongoing for about 9 years.

Signs of Distress: Rudy’s lonely-sounding honks resonate across the valley several times a day; he nips at hands (feed with palm open)

Claimed Owner: Jack

Access Instructions: Find the “Donkey Xing” sign on the road then go north down the slope beside the house. Rudy’s little pen is easily visible.

Recommended Action: Coordinated protests may help Jack consider sending Rudy to greener, larger pastures.

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Reickhardt Duck Farm

The screencapture is of an activist trying to free another activist whose neck got caught in the track.