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Lake Shastina Biodiversity Initiative

Beginning study of current vegetation, animal inhabitants, and decomposing biomass. Also survey neighborhood for receptivity to community composting and growing native, edible landscapes. Reach out to me at [email protected] for more info on collaboration.

💚 ComPost + Proposal


This tomato seedling was seen here on 6/13/22. Will it bare fruit???

About this Space

This is a proposed garden site where compost has been deposited.

Compost Contents & Source

All organic & from California:

  • Avocado skin & seeds
  • Mandarin & grapefruit rinds
  • Kiwi

Imported organic:

  • Banana peels
  • Pineapple skin & top


  • Ataulfo mango

#Biochar from nearby fire pit:

LL: Fire Pit

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💚 ComPost

This is a site where compost was deposited in 3 holes on 12/3/20.



  • Orange rinds
  • Apple cores
  • Banana peels
  • Wilted greens
  • Cooked food waste
    • Amaranth, quinoa
    • Rice
    • Legumes
    • Wheat
    • Cooking oils
  • Biochar
  • Phosphate
  • Azomite

Compost Source

Here There Gardens


Make an offer on this New Fruit Tree

This is “Vo,” a new variety of avocado tree that is suspended in water on my desk.

Vo came from an exquisitely rich & buttery organic Hass avocado.

All Hass avocados came from branches of the original Hass avocado (b. 1926 La Habra Heights, CA) that were grafted onto wild rootstock.
All fruit trees grown from seed are a new variety of fruit tree.
Vo is likely a hybrid of Hass (Type A) and an unknown Type B avocado variety.

The adopter will receive Vo’s location on a map notes platform, where they can communicate about Vo’s care and arrange a visitation.

I will accept an adoption offer on Earth Day: 4-22-22

Offer Goals (accumulative):

– 0.004 ETH: Basic Care Vo is planted in containers, gradually increasing in size, with potting soil mix

– 0.04 ETH: Fruit Box Adopter gets 10lbs of Vo’s fruit (in approximately 3-20 years)

– 0.08 ETH: Boost Vo’s container is amended with compost (improves growth)

– 0.16 ETH: Quality Assurance Vo’s container is amended with biochar compost (improves health & growth)

– 0.32 ETH: Visitation Perks Vo gets planted in a sanctuary with compost bins and fruit tree neighbors

– 3 ETH: Taste the Horizon of Possibilities Vo’s handler hosts a rare & tropical fruit tasting event for the adopter and up to 30 of their friends

– 16 ETH: Crowd Mapping Vo’s map notes platform gets features required for scaling up adoption

– 30 ETH: Dance with the Plants Vo’s handler runs a touring EcoFest on blighted lands with workshops on remediating soil, sowing seeds and tracking activity in Vo’s map notes platform

– 165 ETH: GrowLoco Vo gets a locally foraged foods cafe near their site

– 300 ETH: EcoAdventurers Club Vo’s platform hosts a planting adventure game for kids of all ages to compost and grow plants to produce free local food and stabilize the climate

– 1650 ETH: Microlympics Vo’s platform is used for diet-based physical competitions to study the effects of consumption and lifestyle habits

– 3000 ETH: GrowTrack Vo’s platform supports input of IoT devices to track home business inventories and fruit tree yields; generate locally-foraged food delivery chain

– 16500 ETH: California Proposition: Fire Abatement Food Forest: fund campers and aircrafts to deposit seeds and compost concentrates on dry grassy hillsides

– 30000 ETH: Vo for President Vo runs for president of the United States of America on a platform of free fruit for campers who compost & sow seeds on invasive-dominated land

– 500000 ETH: Free Food + Stable Climate Data from Vo’s map notes platform will be analyzed for purchasing & distributing compost, seeds & plants to optimize human health & wellbeing in the US, its territories, and nations whose citizens use the open source EcoActivity platform

Make an offer on this New Fruit Tree

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