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🥭 🥑 trees!

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Kind of fruit tree:

Mango, avocado

Why this fruit tree is unexpected:

Subtropical trees growing in arid climate

My first taste of durian ‘04

In the musty, tiled apartment of the family of Hindu devotees that hosted us, they offered us durian.

The family and my father proclaimed:

”It has such a strong smell! Like gasoline!”

“Will you like it? It’s okay not to like it.”

I don’t remember having much of an opinion, except that it was an expansive creamy texture that was heavier then I expected. It felt pretty incompatible with the other foods that we had been eating: typically rice, curry and puris with our hands.

My father, Swami Vittalananda Saraswati, had brought us along on his trip to lead services for a family of Malaysian devotees of Shree Maa.

Unexpected Fruit Tree

Rob and I are traveling to India to explore the local durian fruit and its cultivation in the Burliar State Horticulture Farm in Tamil Nadu. Full Text: MENU Durian in India: Burliar State Horticulture Farm in Tamil Nadu July 24, 2013 - 23 Comments o Year of the Durtan Rob and I flew to India under the pretense of exploring India's other King of Fruit, the mango, but who were we kidding? Following a lead, Rob and I headed into the foothills of the Western Ghats hoping to find durian in India.
A person and a person are hiking outdoors amongst plants.

Kind of fruit tree:


Durian $3/lb

This Guy Grows 🤯🌳🥭

Nearby, this guy grows many tropical fruit trees in ground:

Follow him!

Starfruit, jaboticaba, cherimoya, papaya, mango, longan, banana

Looking For Eden

I am looking for a natural expanse where:

  1. my baby & I would be safe to roam naked
  2. there are durian trees that fruit year-round, amongst other fruit trees, that we are free to pick from

On this land, I would assemble one or few shelters made of earthen materials (such as cob).

If this place does not exist or is not available to me, I can compromise in the meantime by cultivating a food forest on naked-safe land.

I believe that a primitive lifestyle is a basic right to all people. By fostering a stable, livable climate and growing fruit trees that evolved to feed primates, we provide a baseline of wellbeing.

Durian trees are ultra-tropical. The farther away from the tropics that one seems to grow them, the larger of a grow movement is needed to foster its ideal growing climate.

I welcome others who would join me on this path. This platform, LeelaMaps, is intended for coordinating the development of ecofriendly spaces.

Where I live at this time (April ‘23), the affordable durian has been frozen, and the fresh durian was picked underripe.

When feasible, I consume a durian a day, which is the majority of what I eat.

Pictured is the Naturist International map of naturist/nudist spaces in SE Asia. If you know of any other spaces that are safe to be naked in this region, or other regions that grow durian, please post it here (for privacy, set visibility to [email protected]).

Durian Farm

Nearby, at Mama’alawe Farm

Affordable Fruit: Đại-Thành Supermarket

Dai Thanh often has competitive prices on:

  • jackfruit
  • monthong durian (frozen or fresh)
  • oranges
  • fuerte avocados
  • dragonfruit
  • Thai bananas
  • maridol and Hawaiian papayas

(408) 620-1684

Ecuador Durian

Durian grows in this region

A person stands outdoors at Nikolaos Mourtogias JJ Shredz tropical fruit farm northwest of Ecuador, holding a durian with the text "6d" written on it.

China Grows Durian

Durian trees at the Durian Base in Sanya, China are preparing to harvest their first crop of the "king of fruits" in Southeast Asia. Full Text: 11:20 47 Bangkok Post Durian from China? Hainan gears up for first harvest of SE Asia's 'king of fruits' PUBLISHED : 19 MAR 2023 AT 14:44 WRITER: SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST 5 2 f LINE 央视 新闻 At the Durian Base in Sanya, 93.3 hectares (230.6 acres) of durian trees are bearing young fruit. (Photo: CCTV via South China Morning Post) bangkokpost.com