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🍀 Mango, Jujube, Starfruit, Annona

Presumably irrigated

Foreign Fruit: Papaya 🥭 🍌 🍊

There has been a sighting of tropical fruit trees here:

  • papaya
  • mango
  • banana
  • orange

Are you in the region and can verify this? Share what you find in the comments!

Nearby: Homegrown Mangoes

A member of the Northern California Mango Growers group has succeeded in growing mango trees to fruit in Campbell, CA.

Mango Sow

The mango I bought from the Shattuck Market was fairly flavorless, with a slight funky tilt, so I decided to plant it with the flesh.

Shattuck Market: Fruit

  • manila mango $1/ea
  • banana $.99/lb
  • avocado $1.49/ea