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🤸 Playground

This playground has a climbing structure, monkey bars, and a merry-go-round.

Nearby, there is a picnic table, a portapotty, and trash bins.

📚 Community Room

🚽 Portapotty

🚿 + 🚽: Facilities

The showers are on the bottom floor, the restrooms are in the top floor.

Cob on Wood

Cob on Wood is a community center built for the residents of the Wood Street encampment by volunteers using the “cob” style of construction.

Cob is a process of building with clay and plant matter. Learn more about cob

The constructions at Cob on Wood include:

  • Clinic
  • Kitchen
  • Oven
  • Free Store
  • Stage
  • Restroom with Composting Toilet

The Cob on Wood Project is led by Miguel Elliot, who has built many cob structures throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Learn more about Miguel’s cob structures

Learn more about Cob on Wood

Donate to Cob on Wood

See Cob on Wood’s sister encampment, Here There.