6/25/21 Farmer’s Market Fruit

Ken’s Top Notch (Certified Organic)

Reedly, California

plums, peaches, nectarines: $3.75/pound

Medina Berrys Farms

Watsonville, California

strawberries, blackberries, raspberries: $10/3 baskets, $4/1 basket,

strawberry, basil, geranium, cucumber, blackberry, raspberry, guava, prickly pear cactus plants: $10/gallon plant, $25/3 gallon plant

Vasquez Farms

Moss Landing, California

strawberries, blackberries: $4/basket

strawberries: $15/6 baskets

Diaz Farms

Fowler, California 

Peaches, nectarines: $2.50/pound

Apricots: $2/pound

Oranges: *price illegible*


Blue Heron Farms

From their website:

“Blue Heron Farms is a 20-acre certified organic farm operating in a small sheltered valley in Corralitos, California, that is passionate about growing a diverse array of high quality vegetables and flowers.

Blue Heron was started in 1985 by Dennis Tamura after studying gardening with Alan Chadwick in the 1970s and running the U.C. Santa Cruz Farm & Garden Apprenticeship Program for several years.  Now operated by him and his wife Lori Perry, Blue Heron is driven by the hard work of a wonderful group of workers from Jalisco and Michoacan, Mexico, a passionate flower crew under the leadership of long-time field and market worker Kelly Brown, as well as a dedicated market staff.

The farm is additionally blessed with a cool climate, soft soil, and surrounding live oaks and habitat that is home to deer, bobcats, and coyotes.  Although the work is demanding, we at Blue Heron are fortunate to be farming on the Central Coast, where people value organics and we can sell directly to loyal farmers market customers, chefs, grocery stores, florists and wedding couples.”


Frog Hollow Farm

Frog Hollow Farm produces diverse tree fruits and sells at farmers markets.


Mandarin Farm

This is where Mandarin Oranges are grown.