Leela’s Terraformation Plan

1) Grow soil:

Survey growable land in dense inhabitable regions.

Generate local soil by composting available biowaste with biochar.

2) Select plants:

Collect diverse produce, plants, seeds and cuttings.

Consume produce, chart preferences, compost waste.

3) Propagate:

Plant plants, sow seeds, root & plant cuttings

4) Monitor:

Chart methods and growth developments.

Continue composting.

5) Harvest:

Enjoy! Chart preferences.

5) Evaluate:

Compare the climate and yield of land occupied with constructions to growing plants.

7) Deconstruct

Reduce, recycle and reintegrate structures



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The Leela Maps project supports the creation of free, publicly-accessible renewable products and the adoption of ecosystem-integrated lifestyle practices. By organizing our resources more effectively, we can minimize our costs, support populations in need, and avert environmental catastrophes.


Ways to Support This Project

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