Become a Soil Remediator

“Soil Remediation” is a process of detoxifying and restoring nutrients of soil.

Modern researchers have discovered that the Indigenous Amazonian practice of composting with “biochar,” activated charcoal added to biowaste, effectively remediates soil of known soil pollutants [source].

You can become a Soil Remediator by following these steps:

  1. Post yourself

  2. Post about the sites you are amending, in this format:
    ?‍?: ? Place
    Kind: [Kind of Place]
  3. Post compost that you add to the ground, in this format:

    ?‍?: ? Action
    Kind: Compost
    Features: Composite

    Composite 1: Biochar
    ?‍?: ⚛️ Object
    Kind: Activated Charcoal
    Features: [OriginatingN Material] [Conditions of Formation, if Known]

    Composite 2: Manure
    ?‍?: ⚛️ Object
    Kind: [Species] Manure
    Features: [Diet]

    Composite 3: Plant Debris
    ?‍?: ⚛️ Object
    Kind: [Kind of Plant] Debris
    Features: [Parts of Plant] [State of Decay]

    Composite 4: Seeds from Manure or Plant Debris
    ?‍?: ? Plant
    Kind: [Kind of Plant]
    Features: Seed
    Quantity: [Quantity]

    You can add other kinds of material, these are just the baseline requirements.

    Description: [Link to Place Post]

    Image 1: Image of these together, while still differentiable.
    Image 2:
    Image of compost placed on site.