Best 🥑, 🥬

The Saratoga Farmer’s Market on Saturdays, 9am-1pm, has some notable vendors:

(Pictured: Serendipity Farms booth)

Venders here sell fantastic avocados 🥑 (hass, sir prize, zutano, bacon) at ~$5/lb. They are all richly flavorful, and the skin on practically all of them is edible.


For those who eat leafy greens 🥬 , the Heirloom Organic Gardens vendor sells a wide variety of delectable baby greens and mature greens at $9/lb. Arugula, mustard, kale, chard, tatsoi, broccoli, cabbage, kohlrabi, radishes, spinach, orache, pea, and more.


Additionally, there is an olive oil vendor that sells cured olives 🫒 and occasionally fresh olives at ~$5/lb.

One can soak olives in clean, fresh water for a few days to remove bitterness, which makes olives a scrumptious snack. (Olive trees are also present in the parking lot and are common throughout landscaped California.)

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