a BackYard-to-Table Experience

Zucchini wraps filled with avocado, tomato, mushroom ceviche, and sprouts

with a side of green grapes and sugar plums.

This Week’s Growers


BYTE menu

All orders come with an appetizer of fruit and are served on locally gathered stoneware. 

A garnished plate of fast food with lettuce, carrot, and leafy vegetables indoors.



A La Carte : 4-10

 – Green Taco : Herbed lemon zucchini taco shell with layers of tomato, avocado, mushroom ceviche, and sprouts

 – Noodle Wrap : Lettuce wrap of zoodles, topped with fresh produce & mushroom ceviche

Tapas : 8-20 : a platter of green taco components

A Few Words on Mushrooms ~ herby ceviche of current mushroom harvest, which can include one of the following: portobello, shiitake, maitake, or oyster.

All proceeds go to local growers.


Fruit Tree Service : 100

A fruit tree is planted & maintained in Los Gatos, San Jose or Santa Cruz

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BINGO! Comment with a link to your winning BYTE BINGO! map and we’ll reach out to arrange free plants!

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