Content Guide

Following are recommendations and requirements for producing an Entity Report.

A recommendation is the practice we recommend for ease of use.

A requirement is enforced by notification by a moderator and modification or removal of content. Repeated infringements can result in an account being blocked.


The categories are ⚡️ Activity, ? Service, ? Place, ? Plant, ? Fungi, ? Animal, ⚛️ Object, and ? Concept.


Select the most relevant category of the entity.

If you would like to post about a human, select the “? Animal” category.

If you are sharing part of an entity that is presently or imminently decomposing, such as leaves or eggs, select “Object.”

The exception to this is fruit containing viable seeds. Seed is a life stage of ? Plant.

Fungi include mushrooms, mycelia, and spores.
Insects and invertebrates, such as worms, are animals.
Places, by default, are composites.


Kinds are set by users. Only one kind is allowed to be set, so select the most appropriate kind. If there is no kind that is appropriate for what you are sharing, select “Add New Kind” and enter the name of the kind of entity you are sharing.



Features are qualities of the entity, and set by users. You may select as many qualities as you want. The list of qualities is generated from posts of the kind you selected. If you would like to select features that are not on the list, select “Other Features” to view all qualities that have been used to describe all kinds of entities of the same category. If you still can’t find the quality you’re looking for, select “Add New Feature.”


Open For Visitation

If an entity is generally available to be visited, select “Open For Visitation” and enter instructions for visitation in the “Access Instructions” field.


If an entity will be available during a span of time, select “Event” and enter the start date and time. If the event has an end, select “End:” and enter the end date and time.

Display Purposes Only

If any entity is not available to be visited, select “Display Purposes Only.”


Descriptions can have links and sourced images & video.



Images must not contain gratuitous sex or violence.

Receive ?

Users can allow their Entity Report to be open for receiving ? from other users.

Learn more about ? donation points:

Do not guarantee access to the entity in exchange for ?.

? are donation-based points that rely on our servers to be operational.


GeoVote is form of personal post submitted through the GeoVote portal.


Share a statement of your rights with others.


Only share votes are yours to be shared, or you have received consent to share unless fitting within the Doxxing Requirement.


“Doxxing” is to release personal information about a person without their consent for the purpose of coordinating social pressure.


Only do this if you are reporting a non-consensual infringement of rights.

Adult Content

Posts about entities undergoing sex or violence are discouraged.


Set title to “Adult Content,” “Adult Content: Sex,” or “Adult Content: Violence.”

All Content


Posted with a genuine intention to inform and share entities that are safe to visit at the location set. Not algorithmically generated promotion nor meaningless strings of text.

How to Report Posts that do not Meet These Requirements

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