Content Guide

Following are recommendations and requirements for usage.

A recommendation is the practice we recommend for ease of use.

A requirement is enforced by notification by a moderator and removal of content. Repeated infringements can result in an account being blocked.


Users can connect related notes using tags.

Using the “tag” field, you can set tags by listing them without the “#”, separated by commas.

Tags can also be set in the note description by using the “#” symbol before the tag. (e.g. #PublicSeedBox)


Use tags of general descriptions and new naming schemes to choose how your note connects with others.


Use tags relatedly to the content of the note.

Receive 🌱

A note can be a way to receive 🌱 from users.

Learn more about 🌱 donation points:


Do not guarantee goods or services in exchange for 🌱.

🌱 are donation-based points that rely on our servers to be operational.


GeoVote is form of map data submitted through the GeoVote portal.


Share a statement of your rights with others.


Only share votes are yours to be shared, or you have received consent to share unless fitting within the Doxxing Requirement.


“Doxxing” is to release personal information about a person without their consent for the purpose of coordinating social pressure.


Only do this if you are reporting a non-consensual infringement of rights.

Adult Content

Notes about gratuitous sex or violence are not permitted to be posted for public viewing without security measures.


Set to Users-Only and Password-Protected.


Set to Password-Protected. If set as a link in another note, indicate that the link leads to adult content.

All Content


Posted with a genuine intention to inform, not algorithmically generated promotion nor meaningless strings of text.

How to Report Posts that do not Meet These Requirements

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