Earth Farm 9

From the website:

“Earth Farm 9 is a vegan farm, an edible landscaping service, and an educational platform located in Southwest Florida. We wish to see all humans having an abundance of nutrient dense foods, sustainable living environments, and empowering educational systems. It is our mission to introduce as many people as possible to foods that are not found in standard grocery stores, to physically install systems across the planet that will feed many generations of humans, and to openly share our wisdom through, our social media platforms, physical publications, & live classes.

We promise to do the best we can at everything we do.

We aim to offer the same quality of service and products that we expect to receive from others. We wish to leave this world a cleaner, yummier, and more colorful place than the way it was when we came here.

Through diligent work and perseverance, we will succeed in our mission. We are not affiliated with any particular religion. We are students of life who want to see all humans live freely, live peacefully, and thrive!”

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