EcoFriend: Leela

Hi, my name is Leela.

I am an EcoFriend!

The person has long hair.

Motivations for ecofriendliness:

Imagery of vast expanses of farms (occupying supposedly 40% of land), plastic waste cluttering our oceans, land disruption from mines, runoff, and the absurd toll of suffering & death of animals from all of this.

Ways I am ecofriendly:
  • vegan
  • buy in bulk, from local growers where reasonable 
  • forage when available
  • compost:
    • fruit waste
    • local vegetation
    • humanure (human manure)
    • found carcasses
    • biochar
  • diminishing use of chemical products
  • nudist
    • live primarily naked
  • guerrilla gardener
Ecofriendly-ish practices I used to perform:
  • cooked-food vegan
  • wearing exclusively sarongs, tubes (no/minimal fabric waste) and secondhand clothes

A collage is created.

  • transform used clothes into fabricrete planters

A houseplant in a flowerpot blooms in the sunshine outside a building against a bright blue sky.

A lush green plant stands in front of a tall outdoor building.

Step-By-Step Instructions for an ecofriendly practice I recommend:
  1. Source mulch (➕) and charcoal (➕)
    1. mulch provides pleasant aromas and fungal colonies that break down various forms of organic debris into soil
    2. charcoal added to compost is called “biochar,” and is studied to remediate soil of diverse contaminants, improve plant growth, induce drought-tolerance, and increase compost temperatures
  2. Source a lidded bucket
  3. Toss in a handful of charcoal and mulch in the bucket
  4. When the time comes, do your 💩 business in the bucket
  5. After use, deposit any toilet paper used and add another handful of mulch + charcoal to the bucket
    • composted human manure (AKA humanure) is nearly universally implemented to fertilize practically all crops, including edible ones, since the beginning of agriculture
      • the exceptions to this are practically all downstream of humanure products in the form of compost and fertilizers

When full, go to an environment with diverse plants and incorporate bucket contents into a large, managed compost pile (🗺️) or in a discrete location (🗺️)

  1. Keep an eye out for safe places to directly commit your waste into soil! Like the animal you are~
Ecofriendly practices I would like to Try:
  • 0 packaging
    • eating all fruit only from the land
      • especially durian
  • resting in cob structures (earthen dwelling made of vegetation and soil)
  • coordinating a massive  decentralized movement of guerrilla gardening, that proliferates edible plants and stabilizes the climate
  • live freely in an abundantly growing food forest, among the rest of humanity
Live nearby? Let’s coordinate:
  • bulk purchases
  • local harvests
  • places to grow plants
  • compost
  • seeds
  • dispersing compost and seeds
  • safe spaces to be naked and tech-free
Support my ecofriendly Progress:
  • Donate to the LeelaMaps project
  • Map land & resources for performing ecofriendly practices
  • Share LeelaMaps!
Motivated to help the planet?

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