Embarking on Fruitarianism

 I began experimenting with fruitarianism in October 2020, as I began to discover freely forageable fruiting plants of Oakland and Berkeley.

This collage displays various fruits.

My diet largely consisted of feijoas, oranges, apples, passionfruits, dogwood fruits, persimmons, pomegranates, unedos, silverberries, ginkgoes, and Oregon grapes.

I found myself drawn to the sun and wore a loin cloth bikini to comply with the legal requirement to wear clothes.

My skin, hair, nails, teeth, and overall physique felt strong. It was disquieting to not experience new sensations in my teeth given how substantially different my diet was from the cooked vegan foods I had been eating.

However, I felt a change of mindset that made the complexity and bleakness of urban living to be overwhelming.

In early 2021, I began incorporating cooked food and wore more clothing. My face started breaking out with acne and red splotches on my cheeks, my nails started chipping, my teeth had little niggling feelings.

I still consumed a lot of fruit, going in and out of stints of fruitarianism, especially when becoming pregnant in March 2021, and returned to full fruitarianism in February 2022 while breastfeeding my first child, Tao.

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