Food = Mood

It’s time to rain fruit on those recovering from, and incurring, loss.

The gut-brain relationship is important to acknowledge:

Merely filling one’s belly with dry or rehydrated rations, regardless of whether they take the form of nostalgic cultural foods, is not sufficient for stabilizing the gut-brain that underlies our capacity for individual thought and achieving peaceful resolutions.

We need fresh produce to feel well and living.

To help us believe in our capacity for imminent peace, we need to experience a good, healthy model of living that resonates with our capacity to live with the land.

I urge:

  • Produce baskets for peace
  • Potlucks for peace
  • Gardening for peace
  • Raw Vegan workshops to shake things up
  • Hug-a-tree social media to celebrate our fellow life forms being affected by the conflict

Meditation and yoga have profound impacts on our capacity to fathom peace, but the durability of their effects depends on our gut feelings.

 ☮️ PeaceLuck 🍀

Post a Potluck for Peace

Recipes for PEACE

+ Grain-free Tabbouleh by FullyRawKristina

+ Falafel by RawFoodRomance

+ Falafel by TheRawAdvantage

+ Hummus by Cultivator Kitchen

+ Sprouted Hummus by Raw Vegan Rising

+ Mung Hummus by My Food Forest

+ Coconut Kebab by SunFood Living

+ Marinated Veggie Kebab by Forgotten Art of Living

+ Wraps by Cultivator Kitchen

+ Wraps by OKRaw & RawFoodRomance

+ Flatbread & Chicken by Carron

+ Creamy Seaweed Soup by The Healthy Life



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