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Resilient food systems start with us, here and now

Growing locally fosters a personal connection with the land, as we produce food, pharmaceuticals, and materials without the use of plastic and fossil fuels.

The GrowFest is us, planting plants

You can find current and future GrowFest locations & resources on Leela Maps, as well as #LeelaPlants to follow where Leela has planted plants.

GrowFest endorses soil production methods of Indigenous Amazonians

GrowFest is free to attend. If available to you, we suggest you utilize:

  • Compost & Greenwaste
  • Garden Tools
  • Seeds, Plants
  • Charcoal & Ash
  • Water, Snacks
  • Friends

Sources of these components are charted on Leela Maps. Search in-app to find resources on your way, or post resources for others to find.

Safety Policy: We recommend keeping social distance and wearing protective wear appropriate for handling soil, plants and air breathed by other humans and animals.

With Leela participating in a GrowFest, you have access to the following free workshops:

  • Generating Rich, Drought-Tolerant Soil with Biochar
  • Composting with Humanure
  • Greencycling Cardboard & Old Books with Mushrooms
  • Creative Earthwork Body Motion

Know of some places in need of collective garden tending? Post map notes with #GreenThisSpace to recommend future GrowFest sites.

Adeline community garden