Growing up with Shorinji Kempo

A person in a martial arts uniform is striking a combat sport, such as karate, with an elbow in an indoor contact sport of Japanese martial arts.

Starting at age 5 1/2, I practiced Shorinji Kempo, a Japanese physical defense practice and form of Zen Buddhism.

20 years later, after attaining the rank of san dan (3rd degree black belt) I ceased practicing.

I greatly admired the tales of the founder, Doshin So, who had a spirit of righteous rebellion that got lost in the waves of blithe Japanese hierarchy that overtook the Shorinji Kempo organization after his passing.

I left to discover my own righteous calling.

I’m sorry, Hagata-Sensei, for leaving abruptly. At the time I did not have the words to tell you directly.

I also apologize to the person whose shoulder I injured substantially. I cannot fathom how that has affected your life. I am grateful that the surgery went well.

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