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“Hi, I’m a young Avocado Tree! I’m looking for a place to settle, grow big, blossom flowers, and set fruit. Could you get me to where I’m trying to go?” Yes Yes, but I’m in a hurry No, it’s not going to work Tell me more about you A: Yes “Is it a spot in […]

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Wild Roots 🥑 report

Wild Roots sources organic locally-grown avocado varieties from Arrowhead Farms (Watsonville), including Bacon and Pinkerton, at $4.99/lb. Organic medium-large hass avocados are sold at $5.99/lb, or small hass at $5-6 for 6. My favorite from this store is the Pinkerton and small hass avocados. The creaminess and flavor of these avocados are amazing!

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SHARPENER/TACONE 3D PRINTER FILES A volunteer at Pawprint Prototyping helped us print the veggie sharpener, scaled up the print to 3” wide with no sharpening. Wide cucumbers and zucchini cut into handy edibowls! Top with anything you want! …As long is it isn’t too drippy 😝 Watch it on TikTok


🚽 Composting Toilet

This is the Willow Glen Ace Hardware Store where you can make a composting toilet. Build Soil When you gotta go 💩, where do you go? If it’s a restroom that you can decorate, that’s a good place for a Composting Toilet! To make your own compost toilet, you need a few things: 2x five-gallon […]

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