I wish we all grew…

…the seeds of fruit that we eat…
…especially of tropical fruits such as mango, papaya, avocado, citrus, cherimoya, sapote, durian, and jackfruit.

It’s as easy as putting dirt in a planter to be ready for when you enjoy an especially delicious fruit that you would like to grow more of, then periodically watering.

If you have a tropical fruit seed before you have a planter ready:

  1. moisten a paper towel
  2. fold the seed into moist paper towel
  3. place this in an unsealed plastic bag
  4. get around to filling a planter with dirt or potting mix to plant it in

Tropical fruit seeds generally require warm, moist environments to survive and cannot tolerate freezing or being dried out.

Many tropical fruit trees are thriving in temperate regions!

I have a saying:

“If you cultivate enough microclimates, you affect the macroclimate.”


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