The tree bears fruit.
Kind of fruit tree:


Why this fruit tree is unexpected:

Uncommon tropical

Grow Notes:

Approximate location, posted in the California Tropical Fruit Growers FB group.

Tree age: “my tree is a little over 7 years. I constantly prune to make sure most of its energy goes into growing large and consistent sweet fruit. It is about 9 feet high right now.”

Planting distance, fertilization, temperature: “just made sure to add plenty of compost close to a foot of it. It helps to raise the temperature a few degrees. It insulates the roots. Also I heavily plant so many of the trees help insulate one another and create a canopy over each other. Inside my garden it is a several degrees warmer since it becomes insulated with all green vegetation. Highly recommend to look how tropical trees grow in their native environment. All crowded”

Pruning: “I do cut the top to help manage the height but most importantly to help the tree focus it’s energy on producing larger and tastier fruit. I have not cut it back to 6 ft. I would imagine it would be ok since most of the fruit is produced on the main large trunks”

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