Lay Claim 🚩

I, Leela, claim Lupin Lodge.

With Lupin in my ownership, I:

  1. Rename “Lupin Lodge” to “Lupin,” brand as EcoResort
  2. Offer camp-exchange program for people to receive free camp access for bringing produce, managing compost, operating nursery, or taking part in fire prevention research
  3. Initiate wildfire prevention research via soil enrichment & diversifying plant populations
  4. Offer fruit at restaurant, transitioning to a raw vegan menu via salads / salad bar
  5. Start nursery with fruit seeds leftover from the restaurant, using gray water, local soil & compost
  6. Replace portapotties with compost toilets
  7. Collect gray water from hot tub, pool, and showers
  8. Food Forestry Program: Permaculture, compost & intercropping research
  9. Earthen Building Program: build new free, beautiful structures
  10. Apply for grants for wildfire mitigation, emergency preparedness
  11. Negotiate new rent agreements to reflect income and ensure property maintenance

I share Lupin with those who respect our natural human bodies and our relationship to this environment.

I recognize reasonable Lay Claims as real claims of property that supersede structures of property defined by laws of governments.

I will protect and abide by good Lay Claims.

The purpose of declaring this Lay Claim is to share a proposal that can be:

  • viewed by the owner and managers, who can allow the proposed actions to take place
  • viewed by others, who can help the actions occur here or offer another space for them to occur 

Is it yours? Lay claim!

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