Game your way to self-sufficiency!

“Plants” is a game you can play by planting plants and charting them in Leela Maps for others to find and tend. Planters win through fame and enjoying lush, generous ecosystem.

Get Plant points by posting your planting notes in Leela Maps, with the title [your name] Plants [plant name], with photos or video attached, with #[YourName]Plants in the description.

Tip: Try to match your plant’s required growing conditions with its planting location.

Is the soil moist enough for your plant? If not, we recommend giving it a bottle of water!

Is your plant suffering from an unknown nutrient deficiency? Apply biochar compost

Get rich soil by composting with biochar!

Want to participate but don’t feel ready to plant yet? Stash seeds and map them for others to find!

If you want to play privately, share your post with Shared or Invite Only settings. Send links to your friends or keep them private.

Leela is an unhoused woman who gives homes to stationary lifeforms with edible components, such as trees, plants, and mushrooms. Her mission is to provide a sustainable way of life for the people of Earth.

How can you help?

  1. Enjoy and tend plants that Leela has given home to by finding #LeelaPlants on Leela Maps
  2. Foster biochar compost, plants or mushrooms and share them on Leela Maps (share to Leela by sharing private locations to
  3. Donate money for Leela Plants via PayPal, Venmo @LeelaMapsPlants or in person

I would like to liberate all life forms from their shackles, starting with nursery plants from plastic containers.



Plants offer free food and oxygen, in exchange for sunlight and rich, moist soil.

  1. It’s pleasurable to wander and collect the fruit of the land
  2. According to broad cultural and medical consensus, fruit is a staple of a healthy human diet and mushrooms contain protein and all essential amino acids [source]
  3. During this time of economic crisis, it is critical to generate free local resources
  4. Environmental catastrophes can be averted through growing our food and resources locally, rather than transporting them internationally
  5. We can improve nutrition and enjoyment of our plants through growing them in diverse conditions and breeding varietals

By occupying land with cars and buildings, we are forced to meet our demands for plant products by growing them on distant lands to be transported to us.

To retain soil moisture, Leela implements biochar composting.

Natural environments, too, have toxic elements.

Soil Remediation Research

Leela and allies will plant with biochar compost shared on Leela Maps.

“Biochar” is activated charcoal added to biowaste to produce soil. [reference] Activated charcoal is a carbon

The Fruiting Body Diet

Mushrooms and fruit have complementary effects on the human body.

Each fruit has a different effect on the body of its eater. Clustering and ripening stages, too, are impactful. By locally growing diverse fruit-producing plants in nutrient-rich soil, we maximize the local nutritional density and free

Lifestyles that distance us from our food supply and surround us with lifeless structures are central to global environmental catastrophes, as we each are distracted with attaining security with manufactured constructs and monocrop-clone farmed food, rather than fostering a supportive ecosystem with the land that we occupy.