Let’s Cob! Noon 4/1

Join us on April Fool’s Day, 2023, for a free cob workshop!

A safely located mudslide has liberated a lot of perfectly-gritty clay soil, ready for building a cob structure.

(Cob is a building style that uses soil, vegetation, and found materials.)

Here, you may cob bare-naked!

A giant sculpture stands in the outdoor sky, surrounded by trees and plants, creating a unique art piece.

Available Materials

  • A ton of gritty mud
  • Woodchips
  • Freshly cut scotch broom, an invasive woody bush
  • Dry scotch broom
  • Buckets

Proposed Cob Structures

    • A cave in the shape of an open-mouthed sun
    • Something else that is beautiful and inhabitable

How to Participate

Arrive at Lupin Lodge sometime Saturday (4/1) morning or early afternoon, tell the front office that you’re here to visit Leela for cob at the Upper Meadow.

Lupin Lodge is a clothing-optional naturist resort. Bring an ID for a brief background check.

Coordination Contact

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