Looking For Eden

I am looking for a natural expanse where:

  1. my baby & I would be safe to roam naked
  2. there are durian trees that fruit year-round, amongst other fruit trees, that we are free to pick from

On this land, I would assemble one or few shelters made of earthen materials (such as cob).

If this place does not exist or is not available to me, I can compromise in the meantime by cultivating a food forest on naked-safe land.

I believe that a primitive lifestyle is a basic right to all people. By fostering a stable, livable climate and growing fruit trees that evolved to feed primates, we provide a baseline of wellbeing.

Durian trees are ultra-tropical. The farther away from the tropics that one seems to grow them, the larger of a grow movement is needed to foster its ideal growing climate.

I welcome others who would join me on this path. This platform, LeelaMaps, is intended for coordinating the development of ecofriendly spaces.

Where I live at this time (April ‘23), the affordable durian has been frozen, and the fresh durian was picked underripe.

When feasible, I consume a durian a day, which is the majority of what I eat.

Pictured is the Naturist International map of naturist/nudist spaces in SE Asia. If you know of any other spaces that are safe to be naked in this region, or other regions that grow durian, please post it here (for privacy, set visibility to

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