My Community College

“The Stanford of community colleges”

…is still just a community college, with a special arrangement with UC Berkeley to ensure transfers.

I entered classes at 16, starting with ASL, Algebra, Astronomy, and Psychology. I enjoyed practically all the topics and had positive interactions with nearly all of my instructors.

Outstanding classes:

  • Horticulture
  • Drama
  • Astronomy
  • Critical Thinking

I elected to take many psychology courses, and found it to be an interesting major despite being overly structured. However, I did not pursue an AA and instead focused on transferable units.

I joined Anime Club and developed a crush on a quiet dude, Chris. I followed him on campus a couple times, keeping a distance and observing his interactions with his friend. I befriended his older brother, who also was part of Anime Club, and he introduced us.

-More on that to come-

After reviewing colleges that served both our interests, we decided upon Humboldt State University.

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