My Elementary School

I went to Bel Air Elementary for grades K-5.

My peers were diverse, though mostly living at or close to poverty level.

Most of my teachers were very supportive people, shout outs to:

  • Brian: Kindergarten (super hippie 🌈☮️ )
  • Mrs Hughes: first grade
  • Mrs McCollough: 2nd & 3rd
  • Mr Nielson: fifth grade

The kids would occasionally bully based on gender expression (I wish I stuck up for you, Larry), contents of lunchboxes, and pass stories of gang violence.

However, on the whole we were alright.

In 1st grade, I met Paulina who became my best friend. It started a few days after she transferred when I asked if she would be my friend. It turned out that she lived close to me, so we would frequently visit and have sleepovers.

In 4th grade, I entered Gifted And Talented Education (GATE) program, meaning that occasionally I would do separate worksheets and join a small group that visited a kid’s science activity space where we learned about animals, weather, chemistry, etc. Paulina also joined.

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