My Middle School

Ugh, middle school.

I went to Pine Hollow Middle School way out in Concord because it was “nicer” than the middle school in Bay Point.

As I was wanting more independence, teachers wanted more engagement.

I nearly failed 6th Grade, but made it up when my dad forced me to finish several months of incomplete assignments over a weekend.

7th grade, Paulina and I stopped hanging out, so I sat alone. I did better in class. I developed a devastating crush on Jack, a brilliant and sociable student who would take lunch with the kids who passed around Magic: The Gathering cards.

After a few months of sitting alone at lunch, I was joined by Jacqueline, a shy girl who I stuck up for.

In 8th grade, I got straight-As and achieved the highest grade on a math placement test. At lunch, Jacqueline and I were joined by Kat, Kim, Brian, Lila, and Stephanie, who were already hanging out.

I had my own website that was a fan site dedicated to an anime called Slayers.

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