This image is a map of California showing the different Native American tribes and cultures that have lived in the area for thousands of years. Full Text: NATIVE PEOPLE OF THIS PLACE Tolowa Karuk Shasta Modoc In all of North America, California has always been home to the largest number of different Native people and their cultures. Yurok ··········* Chilula + Achumawi Many of the tribal groups you see on this map Wiyot . Hupa speak different languages and have different traditions. Whilkut . Their homelands-established for thousands of years- Chimariko > Wintu Atsugewi Northern Paiute Mattole extend far beyond state boundaries. Nongatl . ....... Yana Sinkyone . Maidu These Native cultures overlap in ways that this map cannot show, Lassik . Nomlaki through shared resources, trade, and family relationships. Keneste . Yuki Cahto . Kankow Coast Yuki . .......... . Washo Huchnom . Pomo Nisenan Lake Miwok . Patwin Wappo . "Language is a reflection of our environment, unique to each area." Coast Miwok . Sierra Miwok ........... Numa -Richard Bugbee (Luiseño, raised by Kumeyaay) Ohlone ......... . Owens Valley Paiute Awaswas Chochenyo Karkin Ramaytush Western Shoshone Tamyen Mono Chalon Yokut Mutsun Choinumni Rumsen Chukchansi Dumna Esselen . · Tubatulabal Gashowu Tachi Wukchumni Yowlumni T'epotaha'l . Southern Paiute Bankalachi Chowchilla Kawaiisu Nutunutu · Kitanemuk . Tataviam Chumash . Titrutitu Tilhini · Chemehuevi Amuwu .... Mojave Kuvam Maarenga'yam S'amala Shmuwich Micqanaqa'n Tongva . Hakhidhoma Hul Kuhk'u Acjachemem Kashtik Iviatim Michumash . Payomkawichum Kuupangaxwichem ................ Quechan Kumeyaay Map Courtesy of Timara Lotah Link

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