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    Using Leela Maps, you can create map notes that can be accessed publicly and privately.

    To create map notes, you need to register.

    Here are things you should know about Leela Maps:

    Leela Maps is a map notes platform.

    "Map notes" consist of:
    • a location
    • a title
    • contents (including links, lists, and media)
    • tags
    • optional password-protection
    • optional donation points that you can transfer with other users
    Within this structure, map notes can take many different forms.

    The Rules

    1. Be kind.
    2. Don't spam.
    3. Be thoughtful about sharing edgy content.

    Content that does not meet these rules is subject to being altered or removed.
    Authors who repetitively break these rules are subject to having their accounts suspended.


    Leela Maps users can share practically everything, publicly or privately.
    The Leela Maps organization cannot guarantee that information on the platform is accurate or that transfers of donation points will result in any services referred to in notes.
    Many kinds of information are considered illegal by governments.

    The Leela Maps organization will endeavor to protect the freedoms of its users.

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