Predator: Amazon Deliverer

I have reason to believe that this person is a predator.

Photo or drawing


  1. Sex: male
  2. Name, Nickname and/or Alias: unknown
  3. Estimated Age: 20-40
  4. Height: Average 
  5. Weight/Build: lean
  6. Body Modifications: tattoo on calf
  7. Hair Color/Style: was wearing hat
  8. Skin Color/Complexion: tan, Latino 
  9. Voice/Accent: American
  10. Words Used: “Get in!”
  11. Clothes: glasses, Amazon deliverer 
  12. Vehicle & License Plate: Mercedes Amazon Van, 77O43N2
  13. Who They Preyed Upon: me, woman age 30
  14. Tactics They Used: Tried to order me into his vehicle, then tried to bribe me
  15. Their relationship to this location: probably delivering in nearby neighborhood
Observed Encounters

In 2020, this Amazon delivery driver pulled up from behind me and told me to get in his van. I said no and he said he’d pay me to. I took out my phone to photograph him and fled.


Have you witnessed a person act as a predator?

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