Predator: Richard

I have reason to believe that this person is a predator.

Photo or drawing

The drawing depicts an individual.


  1. Sex: Male
  2. Name, Nickname and/or Alias: Richard
  3. Estimated Age: 50
  4. Height: approximately 5’10
  5. Weight/Build: obese, particularly stomach
  6. Body Modifications: none visible
  7. Hair Color/Style: balding, some hair mixed dark/light
  8. Eye Color: brown
  9. Skin Color/Complexion: white, tan
  10. Face: round eyes, big nose, double chin
  11. Voice/Accent: higher pitch American accent, slight speech impediment
  12. Mannerisms: salesman-style approach, preoccupation with how he’s coming across
  13. Who They Preyed Upon: witnessed preying on children male and female children- toddler through prepubescent
  14. Tactics They Used: following children in close proximity, checking if parents are watching him, picking up children without consent, obscuring actions in party environment, pursuing playtime, persistence for 1+ hours
  15. Their relationship to this location: a person recalled that Richard said he lived in Half Moon Bay
Have you witnessed a person act as a predator?

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