Seed Box: Sweet Seasons

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The SF Bay Area is home to many fruiting plants that evolved in diverse climates, from deserts and tropical regions. Here are some new varieties to try!

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How to adapt soil to support diverse plants:

According to modern researchers and indigenous Amazonians, the most assured way to produce fertile, drought-resistant soil that supports biodiversity is to compost biowaste with “biochar,” AKA activated charcoal that is produced from heating biomass.

Biochar compost has been studied to effectively remediate soil of heavy metals, improve its moisture retention, and increase growth, health and yield of plants.

By tending our local environment, we create free resources to be enjoyed by generations to come.

Check out the effects of biochar soil remediation at the Here There gardens!

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I am…

…a pregnant nudist fruitarian who strives for a world where we take time to remediate soil, sow seeds, and enjoy a simple life of creative motion and roaming, eating free fruits and resting in earthen shelters.

About Leela Maps

I designed Leela Maps with the dream of providing an abundant world of automated luxury. Upon closer examination, I discovered that the resources that I was hoping to acquire and share were produced in unethical and unsustainable ways, and that people who were living without economic pressures would not choose to produce them.

After regrounding into the study of naturally growing resources, I found new value in the Leela Maps project for the purpose of cataloguing the effects of soil remediation and diverse growing arrangements.

You can see a lot more of my notes in the iOS app version.

How You Can Help


Share support for ecolifestyles, including allowing nudity and altering zoning laws for growing local resources.

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Share notes about your world on Leela Maps.

You can share Leela Maps map notes with your friends. Everything from fire extinguishers and first aid kits to sow sites and seed banks can be shared here!

In particular, I’m looking for gardens to visit & camp at, places to experiment with creating cob, and sites to participate in a polycultural growing movement, “GrowFest.”


You can donate money to support me. I reward donors with ? points, that can be exchanged between users. If that seems too complicated, you can donate your plant coins to me or just donate.


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