The Leela Maps project is an open source map notes platform for browser, iOS & Mac.

We are seeking funds to support this project.

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Using Glitch, Leela Maps Browser can be edited by users.

We’re looking for:



  • individual note view with unique web address
  • edit note
  • privacy settings (browser)
  • set default local region


  • navigate by voice
  • navigate by keyboard


  • decentralized authorization (migrate from iCloud)


  • offline mode


  • set terms, author, regions


  • Filter by author, time, multiple terms
  • query syntax

View Note

  • filter map by tapping words #hashtags
  • link URLs in description
  • share note/link
  • notify if edited
  • entry form
  • revision history
  • re: note (could be a #re)

New/Edit Note

  • refresh GPS option
  • custom format
  • set form entry
  • bulk & auto-generate notes
  • note timers + triggers
  • set marker emoji
  • text styles & formatting
  • image recognition


  • Make buttons that link to searches with one or more terms
  • Number of new posts

Passive Import Option

  • Collect data from maps viewed in device
  • Collect data from device for health metrics, with permission from user
  • Customize privacy settings

Same as above, plus:

  • Improved search speed
  • Emoji Markers
  • Cross-platform (Android, Linux, Windows, Microsoft phone)