🌎 Earth Movement 🪱

Guiding Principles


Apply immediate solutions, such as using local materials or changing one’s own mind.

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Earth movement is a deeply psychologically engaging activity. Be sensitive to external and internal worlds.

Please abide by the desires of neighbors and management.


You may apply tested strategies and try new methods.

Many dimensions of actions have been studied to affect plants, such as 🗣 sound and 💃 movement.

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Appreciate Soil Life 

Rich soil is both aerated and moist, clumped by strands of mycelia, microscopic hairs of fungal networks.

Feed soil microbes to support plants.

Prepare to Let Go

Leave your garden project ready for the uncertainty that it may be unmaintained or altered by others, animal or human.

Beginner’s Mind

Release inner stories to be ever-present with nature’s basic principles and complex expressions.

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