Sow Notes 10/21/21

Around the perimeter of the lower camp region and on the way up to the Waterfall Lawn, I sowed seeds of: melon, cherimoya, avocado, winter squash, papaya, plum, peach, jackfruit, durian.

 On the upper ridge of the Waterfall Lawn and in the orchard I sowed seeds of jackfruit and durian.

 Early today it had rained and rain is forecasted for the next few days.


Garden: Surf Garden Hotel

The Surf & Garden Hotel has diverse gardens within and around the parking lot.

The kinds of plants include:

  • aloe
  • alyssum
  • azalea
  • banksia
  • callianthe
  • camellia
  • cherry-plum
  • daisies
  • fuchsia
  • mint
  • ninebark
  • peruvian lily
  • rose
  • shrubby groundwell
  • sweet pea shrub
  • swordfern
  • valerian
  • wisteria
  • …much more

The Central Garden is where smokers are allowed to smoke.

No bees were seen, but there were birds, flies, and ladybugs.

I enjoyed the garden while consuming peach and papaya, whose seeds I scattered and sowed.


Mango Sow

The mango I bought from the Shattuck Market was fairly flavorless, with a slight funky tilt, so I decided to plant it with the flesh.