Dover Park

Enjoy the many splendors of Dover Edible Park!

A lush tree stands tall against a bright blue sky, surrounded by lush green grass in a peaceful outdoor park.

We have gardening workshops on Sundays, 11-2, and Wednesdays, 3-6.

Some of our plants:

  • collard greens
  • potatoes
  • artichokes
  • sunchokes AKA jerusalem artichokes
  • mint
  • sage
  • squash
  • tomatoes
  • apricot
  • banana
  • loquat
  • plum
  • cape gooseberry
  • pineapple guava AKA feijoa
  • mulberry
  • fig
  • orange

A sign stands in front of the house.
This image shows a banana tree growing next to an apricot tree, with two clusters of bananas visible. Full Text: faccall:St_ + 8th S Banana Tree: Status Plants in Sight Banana tree Aileen St. 56th St. Legal < Back Banana Tree: Status ... (37.8429721, - 122.2684534) This #BananaTree, growing next to an #ApricotTree, is fruiting two clusters of bananas Leela Universe

A variety of fresh, local produce, including herbs, root vegetables, fruits, and flowers, are growing in an outdoor garden on a grassy field, providing natural, vegan nutrition and whole foods.

We were featured in a local forage guide!

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