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Here is free mulch, in the form of redwood shavings & woodchips.


What is your plan for the mulch?










Spreading woodchips on bare soil can supply nutrients and retain moisture to help regenerate ecosystems.


Adding woodchips to your compost can improve the smell and add carbon & nitrogen.

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Burying woodchip with layers of compost and soil to make a mound-shaped garden bed is a method to increase soil fertility and growable surface area.


Composting Toilet

Woodchips and charcoal make an amazing medium to scoop into a composting toilet after each use.

Post Composting Toilet Find Composting Toilet Learn how to make your own Composting Toilet

If you pyrolyze wood, you make charcoal.

If you add charcoal to compost, you can produce biochar, a powerful soil conditioner that helps healthy growth of diverse plants, provides drought-tolerance and remediates (heals) contaminations, such as:

  • heavy metals
  • antibiotics
  • herbicides
  • pesticides

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Redwood is easy to start a fire with, so it is a good kindling.

However, in a fire it crackles and is smoky, so it is recommended to incorporate other forms of wood to feed the full fire.

Please practice fire safety!

Fire can be beneficial to gardens by producing charcoal, which can be added to compost to produce a powerful remediation agent: biochar compost.

Optimize for producing charcoal by putting your fire out by pouring water on it or covering with dirt.

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Share the art you make with woodchips for all to find, saved for eternity!

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