This Weather is WILD (2023 March)

SNOW in Nevada!?

My explanation:

Farms dominate 40% of Earth’s land and disrupt the water cycle.

This snow pack cradles California’s Central Valley, which is extensively farmed and irrigated with water sourced from the snowy Sierra Nevada mountain range and Colorado River. This water is continuously drawn to grow plants in monocrop growing arrangements that lose moisture by being single-storied and sun-exposed, often having bare soil with little-to-no recapturing of evaporated water. In addition, many of these plants are massively harvested and destroyed at large regular events, creating rapid shifts of oxygen production and causing waves of pressure.

To increase habitability of this desert region, I recommend implementing the current cache of frozen water by spreading diverse seeds and compost. As it thaws, the new plants will encourage animals to expand their range and build soil (via manure), thereby starting forest stories and cycle moisture locally. With the addition of freely growing edible plants for humans, we can develop lifestyles that synergize with evolving ecosystems.

Get Started

Recommended seeds to sow:

  1. wildflowers
  2. shrubs
  3. fruit trees

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