This Is Your Life

First, you were born 👶.

Then, you grew up 📈.

You probably went to school 📝, got a job 📇 or few, hung out with friends 🪢, got into physical activities 🤼, went to a fun party 🪅, got injured 🤕 or sick 🤒 , received medical treatment 💊, foraged for food 👌, shared a good meal 🍱, fell in love ❤️, had your heart broken 💔, went on a long walk 🚶, went camping ⛺️, observed the environment 🏞, made a notable acquaintance 🙏, worshipped 🙇, maybe even got arrested 👮‍♀️, held captive , and appreciated the beauty of it all 🥲.

Whether you’ve had a kid 🤱, made an epic piece of art 🖼, or participated in a protest 🪧, you’re still learning life’s lessons 🌀.

Here you can make up new ways of relating 👥, sharing goods ✳️, and helping each other 👐.

Broadcast your ideas 💡 and proposals 📜!

Let’s grow together 🌱


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