“Hi, I’m a young Avocado Tree!

I’m looking for a place to settle, grow big, blossom flowers, and set fruit.

Could you get me to where I’m trying to go?”

  • Yes
  • Yes, but I’m in a hurry
  • No, it’s not going to work
  • Tell me more about you

A: Yes

“Is it a spot in earth to plant me where I’ll be protected from animals and have rich soil and water for a year or more?”

  • Yes
  • Maybe, not sure
  • No, it’s a container that’s larger than your current one
  • No, it needs work


  1. May my transplant friends join me?
  • Yes!
  • Yes, but it’s a private location
  • No


Could this place be a meeting place for a Plantathon?

A Plantathon is an event where people do a gardening spree.

  • Yes
  • No, but it can use more plants


Make it a party:

Garden Party

4.No, but it can use more plants




A: Yes, but it’s a private location.

You can share a private place for them to join, just make sure to set the location on the map to be a place you’re willing to rendezvous, and make sure to include a method to contact you in the access instructions, such as leaving a note in the comment section.


What’s the issue?

  • I’m concerned about water, soil quality or contamination
  • I’m concerned about humans intervening

I need less water than you think, if you apply a generous layer of mulch around my base and biochar compost in my planting hole.

Concerned about soil quality?

Build and heal soil by applying biochar compost!

  • Okay, I’ve applied biochar compost and mulch, and I’ve irrigated or water manually when I need water
  • This is more than I can handle

2.More than I can handle

That’s okay! Someone else may have shared a good location.

GrowHere Map

  • I’ll

May my plant friends join me?


Looking for a date? Let your future loved one know that you care about Earth’s life by posting your profile:

Plant Cute

If you’re in a hurry, find a nearby

Plant Sanctuary

1.No, I’m not interested

If you don’t want to help me, please leave me where I am or put me in a safe place

2.More about

I came from an extremely scrumptious, organically-grown avocado.

I may have genes from a Hass, Pinkerton, Bacon, GEM, Gwen, or Fuerte avocado, or many others!

Just like you, I am a new variety that has characteristic inherited from both of my parents.

Unlike you, I can be cloned from any of my branches, or I can receive a graft to grow another variety of avocado.



We, fruit trees, care about humans, because humans care about us!

Post a Sanctuary for humans

Post a Safe Space for humans




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