iPhone/iPad & Mac

Download Leela Maps for iPhone/iPad

Leela Maps login is tied with the user’s Apple ID. Map Notes include the name associated with the Apple ID logged into the device. If you don’t have one, or would like to use a separate one to use for Leela Maps, you can make a new Apple ID.


The map displays map notes shared with you as markers.

By default, the map is centered on your location and will load 200 of your most local notes. If you don’t see anything, either the page is still loading or there are no map notes in your region yet. Learn how to make a new note.

To find notes in another region, refocus to that location and tap the search bar to refresh the map.

Marker colors indicate different privacy settings:
Blue: Public
Green: Shared
Red: Invite Only
Numbered: Stacked post (double-tap to focus and zoom)


Zoom in and out: Spread and close two fingers

Refresh the map: Tap the search bar

Locate self: Tap the pointer button in the upper right hand corner

New location: Tap the “+” in the upper right hand corner

View location: Tap the marker

Search: Tap the search bar and type


Map Note

Map notes consist of:

  1. Title (text and emojis)
  2. Coordinates, address, name, arbitrary text or “here”
  3. Images or Video
  4. Description with #hashtags
  5. Author
  6. Access Instructions
  7. Time Created
  8. Time Updated

Filter map by hashtag: Tap a hashtag in the description

Return to search: Tap “Back”

Edit/Share note: If you own this note or have editing permission, tap “Edit” (then tap “Save” to share)

Share note: If you don’t have sharing permissions (“Shared” or configured “Invite Only”) but no editing permissions, tap “Share”


Search map notes:

1) Tap the Search Bar

2) Type in search term
Search results include matchesitle, hashtag, description, address

3) Select search result
a. tap titles to see individual posts
b. tap hashtag to filter the map results
c. tap multiple hashtags to filter the map by multiple hashtags

You can do an inclusive search for multiple terms by putting a space between the terms.

You can search in a different region by navigating the screen to the desired region, then perform the search.

New Map Note

Create a new map note:

1) Tap the “+”

2) Set the title
Supports text and emoji

3) (required) Set the location such as address or coordinates, or tap “current location”
Addresses (example: 123 Main St, Fictionville) link to Apple Maps where directions are provided

4) Upload images or video, from camera or library

5) Set the description
Supports text or emojis, #hashtags to link to map filters, and website URLs, emails, or phone numbers

6) Enter access instructions, if there are any (does not support links or contact information)

7) Tap “Save” and set the Privacy Settings

Privacy Settings

Public can be found by any user

Shared is encrypted and privately sent to others, who can share it

Invite Only is encrypted, is privately sent to others, and has “share options:”

  • Who Can Access:
    • Only people you invite (default)
    • Anyone with the link
  • Permission:
    • Can make changes (default)
    • View only

Shared and Invite Only map notes are sent as links to iCloud object that users you send it to can open to add to their maps. You can send the map note via messaging platform or copy the link to share it where you like (even within a map note).

Saving personal map notes: save the map note as either Shared or Invite Only, select “Copy Link,” but continue using without sharing it with others.

Things to Know

You can link map notes by adding Invite Only and Shared links in a map note description.

You can switch privacy setting between Invite Only and Shared, but not with Public or vice versa.

The only necessary component is the location.

All text is searchable to users who have access to this note.

All hashtags are added to the search suggestions of all users, regardless of location or privacy settings. If it is not shared with them, it will not be seen.

Dark Mode is activated automatically when your phone has been set to dark mode. Settings > Display & Brightness > Appearance

Delete your map note by deleting the the location field and saving saving the note

Block an author by tapping on their name and selecting “block”

Report abusive map notes to be evaluated and potentially removed by the moderator by tapping “…” and selecting “Report.”

Sharing on Messenger or Facebook

Facebook inserts extra text in linked URLs, causing links to error to , requiring recipients to perform 2 extra steps:

  1. Tap the Share button in the lower right hand corner
  2. Tap “Open in Safari”