Body Land Rights

This ballot consists of a “rights statement” and a vote on proposals, that are as following:

  1. Consensus reality
  2. Evaluating laws & constructions by health & environmental impacts
  3. Phasing out detention centers
  4. Allowing nudity
  5. Footpaths
  6. Quiet neighborhood road reduction
    1. Replacing cars with Small EV
    2. Reform asphalt and cement into car garages
  7. Growing local resources
  8. Opting for cob

Forms of Verification


GeoVote polls request permission to submit the device’s GPS location. Make sure that location permissions are enabled for your browser for the duration of entering your vote.

We recommend voting in a public space.


For the purposes of official recognition of votes, there is an optional image submission.

Attaching image that consists of a selfie with a visible background of the voting location assures that the vote can be verified as a statement of belief from a real person.


You have the option to post your vote publicly or privately, with your real name or a pseudonym. Private votes can be set to be shared with your government, with voters rights organizations, or with voters with similar opinions.

All votes are included in voting statistics reports.