WedSun: REAP Climate Center

People are volunteering at an open house on Wednesdays and Sundays from specified times at a location in Alameda, CA. Full Text: OPEN HOUSE VOLUNTEER DAYS Wednesdays 2:00AM-5:30PM Sundays 10:00AM-5:30PM 2133 Tyana Avenue, Alameda, CA

Please come for as long or as little as you like. Even a quick hello is okay with no need to RSVP. Please read through our volunteer page, it’ll answer a lot of general questions that you may have. There’s always a large variety of different projects taking place at any one given time but generally, we try to fit people where they feel most empowered.

Here is a brief overview of activities available. From gardening to making soil, crafting to lite construction, tinkering to engineering.

Generally, there are four types of activities:

  1. Ecological Light – watering, planting, trimming, spreading wood chips, working with sheep or chickens, general beautification

  2. Ecological Heavy – habitat restoration, tree planting, turning compost

  3. Building Light – building benches, fixing fences, signage, general beautification

  4. Building Heavy – building structures, installing fences & gates, putting up solar, erecting art & sculpture

One thing we ask prior to visiting is filling out our digital waiver, for Adults and Minors

Hope to see you here and learn together!

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