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6/25/21 Farmer’s Market Fruit

Ken’s Top Notch (Certified Organic)

Reedly, California

plums, peaches, nectarines: $3.75/pound

Medina Berrys Farms

Watsonville, California

strawberries, blackberries, raspberries: $10/3 baskets, $4/1 basket,

strawberry, basil, geranium, cucumber, blackberry, raspberry, guava, prickly pear cactus plants: $10/gallon plant, $25/3 gallon plant

Vasquez Farms

Moss Landing, California

strawberries, blackberries: $4/basket

strawberries: $15/6 baskets

Diaz Farms

Fowler, California

Peaches, nectarines: $2.50/pound

Apricots: $2/pound

Oranges: *price illegible*