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The Clearing

The ground here is undergoing severe erosion since being cleared in the Fall of 2021.

🌱 Invest in the Natural Human Diet 🌞

King Fresh Fruit & Dried Seafood sells fresh durian whose seeds can be germinated.

Price: $15/lb, ~$75/fruit

Seeds: ~9-18

Fresh durian is a complete food. By investing in a fresh durian, you enjoy a full spectrum of nutrients and seeds that can be germinated to grow durian trees.

Volunteer propagators with Lupin Gardens would be happy to germinate provided durian seeds.

Donations to Lupin Gardens can be left at the Lupin Lodge front office.

Text 724-326-3426 to coordinate dropoffs and visitation of plants.

2. Amend Soil

2. Amend Soil

1. Compost

Volunteer Opportunity: deposit compost here!

This compost accepts:

🍂 Browns : Dry leaves, tree debris, torn cardboard

🥗 Greens : Fresh plant clippings, foodwaste, manure, eggshells

🌈 Rainbow : Carcasses, nail clippings, hair, menses, grains, oil, charcoal

Deposit Instructions:

  1. Add your compost
  2. Scoop a container-worth of 🍂🍃 leaves
  3. Pour ½ container 🍂🍃 on compost and stir your contributions with provided stick
  4. Pour the other half of the container of leaves on top

Pro tip: cut down on odors and expedite composting by lining the bottom of your container with charcoal & ash from the fire pit